How Parents Can Help for Treatment Visits

Parents are welcome to accompany their child for treatment visits.

If you choose to be present, we suggest the following Parent Guidelines:

Let us prepare your child

Children do much better when they know what to expect. We use the TELL SHOW DO method. We TELL your child about the procedure, in an age appropriate manner. Next we SHOW, which introduces the procedure in an exploratory way to examine the sound, smell, sight or sensations. Then we DO the treatment, carefully following each step as described.

We use age appropriate terms to describe our procedures.

Kid Friendly Term and Matching Instrument/Procedure

  • Sleepy jelly = topical anesthetic
  • Tooth pillow = bite block
  • Sponge Bob nose/ Fighter pilot nose = nitrous oxide
  • Tooth ring = clamp
  • Raincoat = rubber dam
  • Princess tooth/ Superhero tooth = crown
  • Mr. Thirsty = suction
  • Fairy light = curing light
  • Tickle brush = prophy cup
  • Whistle brush = high speed handpiece
  • Bouncy brush = slow speed handpiece

We ask that you avoid using words that could create dental fear, such as “needle” or “shot”, “hurt” or “won’t hurt” and “don’t be afraid”.

If your child is having dental work done, please be a “silent observer”.

Your child will know that you are there and you can support your child with touch, gentle foot rubs or hand holding. This allows us to communicate clearly with your child. Children will normally listen to their parents and may not hear our guidance.

These are ways that you can actively help make your child’s visit a success.