Kid Quotes

I have to chew gum or my mouth will get bored. – Leigh, age 10

Max: Lollipops are too sweet. Jack: No, it’s not! It’s ONE sweet! – Max and Jack, ages 7 and 5

I like eating starbursts because it makes my teeth stick together. – Benjamin, 8

My ice cream is healthy, I only eat strawberry. – Katherine, age 5

Sometimes I say I brushed my teeth, but I only brushed my hair. – Lauren, age 7

Daddy doesn’t floss, so why do I have to? – Abigail, 8

I brush my teeth on Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday.
Is it one of those days? – Harry, age 6

I can’t floss, because my arm gets too tired from brushing. – Dylan, 8

I like the spitting part better than the brushing part.  – Justin, 6

It’s very hard to eat broccoli now that I lost a tooth. – Morgan, 6

Fluoride makes your teeth strong like Spiderman superhero! – Luke 5

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