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Looking for ways your LITTLE one can make a BIG difference?

Here is a place where kids can find opportunities to make an impact and help create a kinder community and world now for the future. By empowering the next generation to create a culture of empathy and compassion, let’s help to make the world a better place within our own families and throughout the community!



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Bee Helper

Help keep bees buzzing around by planting some of their favorite flowers, fruits, and veggies. You can make your impact as BIG or as SMALL as you would like! Bees are a huge part of our ecosystem and keeping the balance between humans, animals, plants, and insects.

Color A Smile

Kindness comes in many different shapes and sizes. Your little one can color pictures in, and Color A Smile will send them to those in need of a smile to brighten up their day. Help us spread some cheer by doing something your little one loves to do!

Conversations with Seniors

Sometimes all a person needs is for someone to listen. Share a conversation with a senior friend: a grandparent or neighbor – anyone you think could use some company, or you would like to learn more about. The conversation can be over video chat, phone call or as pen-pals!

Kindness Rocks

Share inspirational and positive messages with those around you through a random and anonymous act of kindness. Kindness Rocks are decorated stones with cheerful notes that are left for someone to find and help brighten their day!

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Being sick is not fun, but getting notes and cards from people who care can help make your day better. Cards for Hospitalized Kids is an organization that collects cards with cheerful messages and distributes them to children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses to help make them smile during their recovery.



Kids who participate in one, three, or five events will be recognized at every achievement level and invited to choose from one of our three Mystery Boxes!


Super Star Supporter

Epic Giver

Master Change Maker


We believe that by fostering ideas for change and goodwill, our children can grow to make a positive impact in the world today and for the future to come all while having fun!

Let’s help our kids by giving them opportunities to SHINE and make the world a better place!