Laser Dentistry at Smile Works Pediatric Dentistry, No Shots… No Kidding!

Imagine pain free dentistry for your children without shots and without the stress! Our highly skilled dentist here in Basking Ridge, Dr. Andrea Mann uses a high tech laser to achieve results with no needles, no numbing, and no stress.

Cavity Laser

Laser Dentistry – A Typical Visit

Dr. Andrea Mann and her team make going to the dentist a positive and even fun experience! The office is child-friendly and fun with interactive iPad games, flat screen TVs above each treatment chair, and lots of prizes.

From the moment you step into the office, you’ll be greeted by her warm and friendly staff. Her experienced team loves working with children and is committed to making each and every visit for your child an enjoyable one. They are specially trained in calming children who are anxious and fearful or those with special needs. Children feel relaxed so parents feel relaxed.

During treatment children enjoy watching flat screen TVs with children’s shows, can bring their own DVD movie or choose a Netflix show while listening to stereo-surround noise-canceling headphones. It’s like being in a movie theater!

“My son was very excited to see that they have TV’s with tons of kids channels, funny sunglasses, and many cool scents of laughing gas to help make the visit as painless as possible.”
– Father

“I watched ‘Drake and Josh’ while they were working on me. This was the greatest Dr’s office ever.”
– 11 Year Old

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

  • Dr. Mann’s dental laser emits a specialized beam of light that searches for water.
  • Since teeth are partly composed of water and cavities even more water, the laser searches for the water molecules and then micro-explodes the molecules in the path of the invisible laser beam at the cellular level.
  • This micro-explosion is not seen or felt by the child and is heard as a slight ‘popping’ sound.
  • The laser is bactericidal which means it sterilizes as it removes decay.

How does Laser Dentistry feel?

Kids find laser procedures remarkably comfortable! Kids feel nothing more than the touch of the Dr. Mann’s handpiece and an occasional sensation of warmth.

The most common ‘complaint’ Dr. Mann gets about the laser is from the parents who wish Smile Works could treat them too and not just their children!

What are the uses of dental lasers?

  • Detect Decay
  • Sterilize Tooth before placing sealant
  • Remove decay with NO numbing, NO shots
  • Baby tooth root canals
  • Frenectomy (upper lip or tongue-tie release)
  • Re-contour overgrown gum tissue after braces
  • Expose teeth to help tooth eruption
  • Biopsy without stiches
  • Treat canker sore discomfort and halt cold sore onset
  • Help healing with biostimulation after a trauma

What are the benefits of Dr. Mann’s dental lasers?

  • NO needles, NO numbness
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure with smaller, more controlled preparations
  • No concerns about the children injuring themselves after an appointment by biting his or her lip, cheek, or tongue
  • Reduces child’s stress and fear of going to dentist
  • Reduces child’s fear and parent’s stress of going to dentist
  • Return to daily routine faster after treatment
Find out from Dr. Mann if your child is a good candidate for laser dentistry! Request an Appointment